I decided to explore the perks of digital art // in progress

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Hey guys does anyone want a ticket to see the nbhd in Leeds next Thursday, it’s the 9th of October?? I only have one, it’s at the leeds students union, I think. Message us! - Maddie

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buncha freaks in hollyweird.

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Lifeguard BY Olivver the Kid
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My first original song I ever recorded 8 years ago. 

Recorded in 2006. I was 16.

Don’t you know I’m not your lifeguard?

You’re swimming in a pool of sharks.

So, don’t come crying to me when the grave you dug for yourself ain’t comfy.

I’m not one for you to cry on.

My shoulder’s not one for leaning on.

Don’t you know I ain’t your lifegaurd?

You’re swimming in a pool of sharks.

So, don’t come crying to me when the bed you made & the grave you dug for yourself ain’t comfy. 

 -ØV the Kid

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justinbettman: sweater weather video shoot with @imbuddyjames @pampeena007

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▪️@yg brought out @olddirtytshirt last night in santa ana [📹: @nathangroff ]🙏🌴🔥💯💯💯💯▫️#westkoast #000000 & #FFFFFF

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no caption.

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Pre Pomona show vibes. ØV x headhuntersworldwide tee. Photo by viabeef

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hiii i'm trying to find a ticket to the sold out nbhd show in amsterdam on ocotber 20th so could u please just post this ask so people can see bc idk someone might want to sell their ticket or someting and idk i really now one im kind of desperate!!!! so yeah thank u!x :)))



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🙋 @dr_woo_ssc (📷: @dexternavy ) [cc: @tonysuprano ] 😶🌴

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just jesse looking even more cool than usual, right

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b l o w

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